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Sophrologist Katja Kolehmainen

For three years, I have helped more than 70 clients towards a more peaceful life.

Through my experiences as a Sophrologist, Wellness Coach, expatriate, mother of a child with ADHD, I have created different workshops with different themes in Paris or online.


I consult also in individual meetings  to help you to find your goals and inner calm.

I take a small number of clients at a time because I focus entirely on client coaching which takes up a lot of my time.




Let's find serenity and harmony together !

Member of SSP Trade Union of Sophrologists.



I am an expatriate and mother of an international family living in France.

I specialise in women's well-being.
A woman's life is colourful and being a woman also involves a lot of challenges and pressures; pressures from the environment but also from oneself.

A few years ago my world changed when I was on the verge of burn-out.

Being a mother of a child with ADHD and the pressures of work exhausted me completely.

Before that, I'd gone about my life blind, thinking I had enough energy for everything.

Then came the day when I didn't have the energy anymore and realised I needed outside help.

I decided to make an appointment with a local sofrologist.

During the session, for the first time I was connected to my own body and felt the stress leave my chest. It was replaced by a feeling of lightness, happiness and joy.

Wow, what an experience!

I knew this was going to be my new profession.

I went to study Sophrology for three years at ESSA - École Supérieur de la Sophrologie.

After finishing my studies, I left the corporate world to become a sophrologist and self-employed.






DO-IN en entreprise.jpg



I also propose DO-IN Self massage which is old Japanese method to activate energy, to combat stress, to relieve muscle pain by the pressing and rubbing your skin and underlying muscles.

It is easy to practise whereever you want ; at home, at work, or even in the transport etc. If you practise DO-IN regularly you improve your general wellbeing. Even the kids can practise DO-IN very easily.



improves blood circulation

eliminates all toxic from your body

softens your muscles and joints

decreases stress

improves the circulation of the energy

tonifies your skin

helps your digestion




Sophrology was created by Alfonso Caysedo in the 1960’s. The methods of sophrology were inspired by yoga, zen meditation, buddhism, relaxation and phenomenology.


Sophrology enlarges awareness of your body and mind and connects them together with breathing technics, relaxation, gentle moves and visualisation.


With the help of Sofrology you get in touch with your inner self and become aware of your own capacities and resources.


Sofrology, for example, helps how to anticipate and manage stress, frustration, emotions etc

It reinforces your self-esteem.


It helps you to deal with and release strong emotions that are registered in your body even before birth.


During a Sofrology session, we will agree together on the goal of the counselling sessions, after which I will guide a personalised Sofrology session for you.

Afterwards we will discuss together what appeared in your body and mind.

I will record the sofrology session so that you can practice independently at home.

When you practise regularly you can develop yourself profoundly.

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