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Työhyvinvointi workshoppeja - työhyvinvointivalmentaja ja sofrologi Katja Kolehmainen


Years of experience as a wellness coach, I developed the SERENITY AT WORK wellness program for companies.

The contents of SERENITY AT WORK can easily be used when an employee has a well-deserved break.

The kit includes simple movements, breathing techniques, self-massage and relaxation etc.

Employees can easily put the techniques into practice during their working day.


🌞 short well-being videos or recordings (minimum 10 videos)
🌞 a short, clear theory video related to the topic (e.g. stress management)
🌞 a workshop on the subject, either on-site or online.


The material can be downloaded to make it as easy as possible  for the company.

The SERENITY AT WORK wellness program is entirely tailored to the company's needs.

It can include one or more topics such as:
🌞 DO-IN self-massage
🌞 Relaxation / meditation /sofrology
🌞 Stress management
🌞 Eye yoga
🌞 Preventing back, neck and shoulder pain
🌞 Better concentration
🌞 Sleep better
🌞 Activate energy and motivation
🌞 Prepare for change
🌞 Improve creativity and performance

The language of the SERENITY AT WORK can be French , English or Finnish .


Call or email me to discuss more.


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