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SOPHROLOGY and do-in self massage IN COMPANIES

Sophrology is a practise with your body and mind to bring serenity and well-being to your daily life at work.

DO-IN Self massage is old Japanese method to activate energy, to combat stress, to relieve muscle pain by the pressing and rubbing your skin and underlying muscles.

Sophrology and DO-IN improve quality of working life. Employees can implement the methods of sophrology and DO-IN easily and discreetly at work.

Benefits of Sophrology at work:

improve wellbeing,

combat stress and burn-out,

improve quality of sleep,

improve concentration,

increase motivation, creativity and performance,

improve team spirit,

increase self-confidence,

achieve work life balance.


Benefits of DO-IN-self massage at work:

activate energy

ease the muscle pains (shoulders, neck, back)

combat stress



All proposals are personalised depending on company’s needs. Workshop can be animated face-to-face if your company is based in Paris, otherwise it can be held online.

​ Do not hesitate to contact me and let’s discuss more !