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sofrologi katja - tie sisäiseen rauhaan

Are you bored to have a busy life and run every day ? Do you want to change ?

What about changing your life today ?

Book a Serenity Training Trip and leave to your inner voyage today.

During intensive three months you will find new yourself.


12 video meeting once in a week during 3 months

Training independently with a recording.

Unlimited message support

1 video meeting one month after training finished

3 bonus

Training trips are personalized completely depending on your needs of the present moment. After the training you will have powerful and effective tools and methods to use independently when needed.

I support you personally during these wonderful three months which is the reason that I take only few clients at the same time.


What do you think ?

Are you ready to step into the new life in harmony and in serenity ?











Remember that you are special and during the training you can have other things

which appear in your consciousness than mentioned above.

Thanks to my clients I create four different Serenity Training Trips.













































The objective of this appointment is to ensure that training trip is suitable for you and

I am a right person to help you.

We also discuss about your issues and objectives. I give the first steps how to go toward your goals.

You are unique and that's why the Serenity Training Trip is personalized only for you.

During the Serenity Training Trip you get powerful tools and methods which you can use easily when needed.




"You are the leader of your life !"


Sophrology is only compelementary method which does not substitute any medical treatment.

Image de Amy Shamblen


To connect your body and mind

to listen  your body signals

to develop positivity and gratitude

to manage or defeat your issue

to see yourself and surrounding world differently without judgments,

to find inner peace.



You are so busy and running and running..

Never ending To Do list...

You don't have time for yourself ....Thoughts are flying in your head during the nights.

No motivation, no energy but you are still running....

You just can't do anything anymore..


You can change that! It's not too late !


Now it's your time to say goodbye to stress and burn-out!

During Serenity trip :

you learn to relax and calm down

you take awareness the stressful things and stress signs which your body sends you

you manage your stress

you change perception of stressful situation/event

you become more positive

you find again your resources and capacities


You wake up middle of the night ? You can not sleep ?

You are tired during the day? You forget everything? You are like in the fog?

Now it is time to change and you can say goodbye to sleeping problems.

During Serenity Trip :

you clean your mind from the disturbing thoughts

you learn how to relax

you take awareness of the sleeping signs

you take awareness of the things which disturb your sleeping and you change or eliminate them

you will love to go to sleep



You have tried different technics to ease your pain. You are tired to depend on painkillers. You are angry and irritated. You are tired that pain controls your life.

It is not pain which controls your life! It's you! You can say that it's enough!


During Serenity Trip :

You learn how to ease and manage the pain.

you recognize the situation which triggers your pain.

you accept your emotions and feelings.

you trust yourself and your capacities.



I created this trip because I am a parent of a child with ADHD. Be a parent of child with specific needs is really exhausting, tiring and sometimes it can leads you to parental burn-out.

For parents, who are tired, exhausted, and have low energy and resources.

Today is your day to start to think about yourself and your well-beign.

During Serenity Trip :

you relax your body and mind

you find your resources and capacities

you boost your vital energy

you live in harmony with your emotions

you learn to see things positively without any judgment

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