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MAISON HARMONIEUSE - sophrologue Katja


Your home is not just a combination of materials that have been put together.
Every cubic centimetre is made up of the energy footprint we leave on our environment.
Your home and car in particular are full of energy footprints.
Former residents have also left their own energy footprints and memories in the home.

When you enter a space, you can feel the energy of the environment and it affects the way you feel:
You can feel light, happy, heavy, sad, tense, etc.

Home energy cleansing is a great tool for improving your well-being and the well-being of others in your home.  It has a significant and positive impact on your feelings and your life in all areas.

Cleansing can be done at any time, but there are specific times when cleansing is really important
For example, after an illness, death or argument, when energy is often heavy and sluggish.

Whether your home has a lot of history or is newly built,
it's a good idea to clean it before you move in.



Take an appointment on my calendar.

I will call you to discuss your situation in more detail,

before I come to your home, if you live in Paris.
If you live outside Paris, in Finland or in another country

you can send me a video of your home/garden and I will do the cleaning remotely.

In July and August, I can also do energy cleansing on site in Finland.

I will clean and harmonise your house and/or garden and give you advice on how to improve your energy circulation.

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