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Sérénité in your life - sophrologue Katja

You are running and running ? Never ending to do-list ?

Thought are flying in your head during the nights ? You just can't do anything more ? You are like in the fog?

You forget everything? You are tired that pain manage your life ?


Does these sounds familiar to you ? You can change that ! It's not too late!

Today is the day to start to think about yourself!

I am sophrologist Katja Kolehmainen and I can help you to find serenity in your every day life.

I help you to find inner calm by body and mind relaxation and visualization. You learn how to anticipate and manage stress when you live in the present moment. Your sleeping quality and self-esteem improves. You find your capacities and you live in harmony with your emotions. Your life become more positive.

Good to remember is that regular training helps you to achieve your objective and it leads you towards the change.


You are unique and during the training it can appear lot of different things in your awareness depending on your present state of mind.

You can decide that the change starts today and not tomorrow ! You are the leader of your life ! I can help you to achieve your objectives but you must also continue training independently at home.

If this sounds that this is what you need now you have a wonderful opportunity to book a free video meeting with me. During our meeting we discuss about your present situation and your goals. I also give the first steps toward to your objectives.


"For years I have suffered from anxiety and pressure on myself. With the help of sophrology, I got to the root causes of these issues and got help for my problems. I always feel safe being under Katja's guidance. Thank you. "

- Minja -

"Kiitos paljon ihanasta ja antoisasta sophrologiahetkestä❤ Kiitos myös äänitteestä millä voin jatkaa harjoituksia itsenäisesti!🙏"

- Kaisa -

"I was very stressed and after the session I was really relieved and now I feel so good. I highly recommend."

- Juan Jose -

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