Are you stressed or overwhelmed by your emotions? Do you have sleeping problems? Your self-confidence has decreased? Concentration and motivation difficulties? Your energy has reduced? Are you preparing for exams? etc.

I am sophrologist Katja Kolehmainen and I can help you to find serenity in your every day life. You are kid or adult sophrology is for you.

Sophrology was created by Alfonso Caysedo in the 1960’s. The methods of sophrology were inspired by yoga, zen meditation, buddhism, and relaxation.

Sophrology enlarges awareness of your body and mind and connects them together with technics of breathing, relaxation and visualisation of positive.  You reconnect to yourself, and you can find your resources and capacities.


The methods of sophrology are simple and concrete and can be done sitting or standing, static or dynamic. When you practise regularly you can develop yourself profoundly.

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• stress management

• live in harmony with your emotions

• well-being

• sleeping problems

• pain management

ADHD children and adults

• well-being at work


I also propose DO-IN Self massage which is old Japanese method to activate energy, to combat stress, to relieve muscle pain by the pressing and rubbing your skin and underlying muscles.

It is easy to practise whereever you want ; at home, at work, or even in the transport etc. If you practise DO-IN regularly you improve your general wellbeing. Even the kids can practise DO-IN very easily.


Benefits of DO-IN

improves blood circulation

eliminates all toxic from your body

softens your muscles and joints

decreases stress

improves the circulation of the energy

tonifies your skin

helps your digestion

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