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Sérénité in your life - sophrologue Katja




Did you know that loving yourself is a basic need?

Did you know that you don't have to say yes, if you don't want to?

You can learn to know your limits, your values and your needs.

Did you know that you can live in balance during your menstruation or menopause ?

Did you know that you can activate your sexuality and your femininity ?

♥️ YOU can love yourself as you are.♥️




I'm Katja Kolehmainen, sophrologist and wellness coach.
I help women to find well-being and serenity in their lives.

A woman's life is colorful, and being a woman also brings many challenges and pressures;
pressures created by the environment, but also pressures created by herself.

Sophrology enables you to reconnect with yourself with the help of breathing, relaxation, gentle movement and visualization.
It helps you regain inner balance and harmony between body, spirit and emotions.

Sophrology is personal development as well as therapy.

Pack your bags and discover your liberated femininity.

During POWER WOMAN coaching:
❤️ During the journey, you will listen to your body and your inner voice.
❤️ Your resources and energy will be recharged
❤️ Your confidence will be boosted
❤️ You will identify your own feelings, needs, values, limits and dreams.
❤️ You know what you want and you are your authentic self.
❤️ You live a balanced menstrual or menopausal life.
❤️ Your sexuality is activated
❤️ You learn to know yourself in a new way.


Do you want to start to change your life today?

"For years I have suffered from anxiety and pressure on myself. With the help of sophrology, I got to the root causes of these issues and got help for my problems. I always feel safe being under Katja's guidance. Thank you. "

- Minja -

"Thank you so much for this wonderful and enriching❤ sophrology coaching. I finally found my own limits and now I dare to say what I think and not be afraid of other people's reactions.
Thank you 🙏"

I was completely exhausted and tired. During training, I discovered the link between my body and my mind. I don't stress like I used to. When I notice that I'm not feeling well, I do a breathing and relaxation exercise.
I highly recommend Katja."



Get to know, accept and love yourself.
Your life will be full of peace, love, joy and passion.
You are unlimited, beautiful, compelling and unique.

Join Power Woman - coaching and find a new yourself.


During the coaching your self-confidence will be strengthened and your sexuality will be activated.
You will know your limits and you know who you are and what you want.


energy cleansing - sophrologist Katja Kolehmainen



When you enter the space, you can feel the energy of the environment; you can feel light, happy, heavy, sad, tense, etc.

The energy of the environment affects your feelings and emotions.

Cleansing the energy in your home can have a remarkable, positive influence on the way you feel and on all aspects of your life.




I organize well-beign workshops and conferences at work, either by videoconference or face-to-face.

During the workshop or conference, employees learn gentle exercises, self-massage, breathing techniques or relaxation. They can then apply them discreetly during the working day.

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