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sofrologue katja kolehmainen
Sophrologist Katja Kolehmainen


I am from Finland and living in Paris with my husband and three children.  


Before becoming Sophrologist I worked several years in different companies in France, in Finland and in Canada but I knew that it wasn’t my dream career and I wanted something else.


I am also mum of three children, one with ADHD. Daily life with a ADHD child can be really exhausting with all the problems in the school, with other children and also at home. The problems were absorbing all my energies till the day I was too tired and I couldn’t do anything anymore.


Luckily, I found wonderful sophrologist who helped me to find my resources and get back the strength what I used to have. That day was the day when I knew that I will become sophrologist and three years later I graduated as Sophrologist from l’Ecole Supérieur de Sophrologie Appliquée in France.


Through all my experiences as mum I decided to be specialized in ADHD, which is really close to my heart.


I help teenagers and adults with ADHD to find tools to control their daily life in serenity, to find their capacities or self-esteem etc. I can help their parents to find their resources for their daily life. Sometimes  the parent(s) and the child need my help to reconnect them together again.


​Let me help you to find your inner serenity and well-being in your daily life.


  • Member of SSP Trade Union of Sophrologists.


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