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What about changing your life today?

During 3 months I guide you personally on our weekly online appointments.

I give you recording after each session which helps you to practice at home.

Practicing at home is as important as the session with me.

Between the appointments you have an unlimited message support.

After one month you've finished training trip we have one more online appointment.

Training trip is personalized only for you.

I support and help personally during these 3 months.

During the training trip you have different methods and tools

to use independently when needed.

Are you ready to well-balanced life in serenity ?

Serenity packages helps you :

To connect your body and mind

to listen  your body signals

to develop positivity and gratitude

to manage or defeat your issue

to see yourself and surrounding world differently without judgments,

to find inner peace.

1. Bye Bye stress and burn-out


You are running and running....Neve ending To Do list...

You don't have time for yourself ....Thoughts are flying in your head during the nights.

No motivation, no energy but you are still running....

You just can't do anything anymore..


You can change that. It's not too late.

Now it's your time to say goodbye to stress and burn-out.

2. Sleep well

You wake up middle of the night ? You can not sleep ?

You are tired during the day? You forget everything? You are like in the fog?

Now it is time to change and you can say goodbye to sleeping problems.

3. Pain does not control my life

You must have tried all different methods to ease your pain?

You are tired to take painkillers all the time? You are tired that the pain controls your life?

It is not the pain which controls your life, It’s you.

4. Peaceful parenthood

For parents, who are tired and have low energy and resources.

This package is only for you.

Today is your day to start to think about yourself and your well-beign.


Choose one of the Serenity Training Trip and Book a free online appointment.

The objective of this appointment is to ensure that training trip is suitable for you and

I am a right person to help you.

We also discuss the first details of your training trip.

You are unique and that's why the Serenity Training Trip is personalized only for you.

During 3 months I am next to you and supporting you.

Between the sessions you practice at home with a recording

 and you have an unlimited message support.


You are the master of your life !

Sophrology is only compelementary method which does not substitute any medical treatment.

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